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We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products with excellent satisfaction. Kafalgedi’s team of experts is constantly in search of collecting, creating and discovering new ethnic clothing and jewelry.

All our products follow best practices, right from fabrics to fit and fashion. Our products come to you after going through a series of quality checks for everything that you consider important. With years of experience and a keen focus on creating vibrant clothing, every single stitch, color, the choice of fabric, everything has been designed and put together to give you the best brand feeling.

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keeping our tradition live and vibrant

Ethnic wear is a trend that will never go out of style. Therefore, keeping ethnic wear in mind, we tried to give our customers an access to array of both contemporary styles products along with the ethnic clothing lines. In order to appeal to our younger customers, we have also added a collection of ethnic wear with contemporary touch to give a modern look and feel.

Lax Dhungana Co-Founder & CEO, Kafalgedi.com

Because we are all deeply rooted in our culture and want to preserve it, we believe that our generation needs to continue embracing what our culture has to offer. Ethnic attires are the best possible way to express one’s culture. Therefore, we are proud to bring you a collection of ethnic wears and make them accessible for people to shop at Kafalgedi.com.

Monika Kafley Co-Founder & COO, Kafalgedi.com

Our Achievements

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Best Ethnic Wears Online Achievement From traditional Nepali wears to Typical Indian cultural dresses and made with a modern touch.


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Successful Online International Market 2020 Best online international market with appealing custom designs and imports. Fabulous, astonishing and authentic clothing e-store.


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Best Nepali E-Commerce Store Recognized for best collections of Nepali traditional and functional dresses.


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Best Nepali online Wears 2020 Award Awarded for the best compilation and preservation of traditional and cultural vibes with the contemporary annotation.