This contract for the sales of products in the e-commerce platform “Kafalgedi.com” is entered between the “Seller” (name filled in below), and Kafalgedi.com or Kafalgedi (the “Store”). 

The parties agree as follows:

Seller’s Representations: 

The Seller has full right and authority to sell products in and out of the Kafalgedi Store. If the product is no longer available for any reason, the Seller must notify Kafalgedi so that the existing product(s) can be taken down from the site – kafalgedi.com.


Kafalgedi charges a flat rate of 10% commission from the display or marked price. Therefore, the seller has the right to price in for the product(s). All verified products shall be uploaded to the platform -www.kafalgedi.com for online shoppers to buy. This also means that Kafalgedi shall have the right to sell, promote, advertise, or market Seller’s product(s).  

Sale of products: 

Product(s) must be new and unused. The packaging of the products must be done appropriately when the order is placed. Any product purchase must be completed and processed through www.kafalgedi.com. Intermediary practices and selling outside the platform without written permissions violates this agreement. Therefore, Kafalgedi has the right to take down Seller’s current or existing products from the Store and suspend the account. 

Shipping and Fulfillment: 

Seller is responsible for the fulfillment and shipment of the product. Kafalgedi shall provide a shipping label along with the customer’s address and their name. The Seller must notify Kafalgedi in case of shipping disputes or related delays. Kafalgedi shall handle the communication between the Seller and the customer on their behalf.

Delivery Notice: 

The Seller shall provide the Customer with the shipment tracking information as well as Kafalgedi once it is available so that both Customers and Kafalgedi can track the products in transit. The Seller (or kafalgedi upon the request of Seller) shall notify the Customer of any delays that may affect the expected delivery date.

Returned Item:

The Seller hereby agrees with the kafalgedi standard “returned item” policy by default. Kafalgedi shall handle the refund and payment settlement along with the inspection and inquiry of the returned item. The Seller is responsible for handling the returned item if the criteria for return items are met.

Shipping Carriers: 

Kafalgedi does not mandate our sellers to use any particular parcel carrier. Therefore, Sellers can use parcel carriers they may prefer. Kafalgedi recommends a tracking number for each product when it is shipped for logistics reasons.

Price for Product: 

Kafalgedi does not restrict or make price offerings on any of Seller’s product(s). Sellers have the right to choose any price they want. Kafalgedi shall not change the price for products but if Sellers need to change the price for any reason, they may contact Kafalgedi directly so that it is updated on the website as soon as possible. 

Payment Terms: 

Unless otherwise stated, payment for the products must process through Kafalgedi.com. Kafalgedi Sales Department handles the payment methods. It takes up to 5-7 business days to process the payment after the order has been received. When this is completed, Kafalgedi then contacts Seller for preferred payment methods. Using the P2P method (bank to bank recommended, no checks, no cash), Seller’s amount shall be deposited within 2-3 business days.   

Advertisement and Promotions: 

Kafalgedi shall work on the promotion of Seller’s products on their social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and not limited to Snapchat or TikTok. However, if Seller wants to advertise or promote their product(s), Seller may do so. Sellers do not speak on behalf of Kafalgedi. Therefore, any inquiries or questions regarding Kafalgedi Store or services must be sent to Kafalgedi Management Team to handle.

Customer Information:

Seller is responsible for protecting Kafalgedi and customer personal information such as names and addresses. Sellers shall be in violation of this agreement and may be subject to legal actions if this information is being misused or used for personal gains or for any unlawful purposes. 


Communication regarding any products or services must be transmitted through between the Seller and Kafalgedi Team. The dispute or settlement between two parties (Customer and Seller) must be handled only by Kafalgedi. 

Misuse or Attempt To Breach Computer Systems:

Sellers are held to keep their good faith and report any misuse or holes in security within our platform. An attempt to handle it themselves or sharing of this information to third parties or entities is illegal and shall be prosecuted. In the case of findings, Sellers must report it to the Kafalgedi Management Team. 

Date of Delivery: 

The products shall be delivered to the Customer within a reasonable delivery date or expected delivery window of 2-3 business days from the date notified. 

Location of Delivery: 

The Seller shall deliver the products to the location received in the shipping label from Kafalgedi.

Risk of Loss: 

The Seller is responsible for the products, and all risk of damage, loss, or delay of the products, until the products are delivered to or collected by the customer. Once the products have been delivered to or collected by the Customer, the Customer assumes all responsibility for and risk of damage to such products. Kafalgedi is not responsible for this.

Refund Policy: 

The refund policy on this agreement strictly follows Kafalgedi.com’s refund policy as well. Money shall be transferred once the return policy eligibility has been expired for the product.

No Refund:

The Seller shall repair or replace any unit or product or part of such products that prove to be defective. The Customers shall be assumed to have accepted the products unconditionally unless a claim that a product is defective is made within the number of days the Customer has to inspect delivered product days from the date of delivery.

Products Not As Described: 

The description of the product must be accurate including shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. Sellers must accept the returned item from the customer if the product does not meet the product description. The customer then can return in exchange for the eligible refund amount.

Defects and Damage: 

Kafalgedi assumes that the products delivered are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for specifying Seller’s warranty time frame here from the date of delivery. Once the products are uploaded to the site – kafalgedi.com, it’s the Seller’s responsibility to maintain the quality of the products. Sending a defect product to Customers shall result in loss of customer trust, damaging Kafalgedi’s reputation which may result in additional charges and suspension of Seller’s account. Therefore, Sellers must contact Kafalgedi to resolve these issues at the earliest convenience.

Force Majeure: 

Both parties (Seller and Kafalgedi) shall not be considered in default hereunder or be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing any provisions of this Agreement in a customary manner to the extent that such failure or delay is caused by any reason beyond its control, including any act of nature/God. The Party whose performance has been interrupted by such circumstances shall use every reasonable means to resume the full performance of this Agreement as promptly as possible.

Term and Termination: 

If Seller chooses to end the Agreement prior to product delivery or after the order has been received, the Seller is responsible for covering all the expenses and costs incurred up until that date. If information changes for any reason, Seller must report it to Kafalgedi or the Store Management Team for further evaluation. Seller is not a legal representative of the Kafalgedi Store. Therefore, any questions or concerns Seller may have or anyone asks, must be directed to Kafalgedi Team or the Store Management. False information and accusations are strictly prohibited and are subject to legal actions including violation of this agreement.

Authority to Sign: 

Each party promises to the other party that it has the authority to enter into this Contract and to perform all of its obligations under this Contract.


The Client and the Business must sign the document either electronically or in hard-copy. If this document is signed in hard-copy, it must be returned to the Business for a valid record. Electronic signatures count as originals for all purposes. The Parties hereto agree to the foregoing as evidenced by their signatures on the form.